• Daniel Mattar was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1971. From early on, Mattar realized that photography offered a possibility...

    Daniel Mattar was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1971. From early on, Mattar realized that photography offered a possibility for artistic expression, leading him to pursue a course in Art & Design at PUC-Rio, where he immersed himself in photography.


    In the early 1990s, he spent some time in Japan, where he began researching Zen Buddhism and Japanese calligraphy, incorporating them into his photographic work.


    Mattar discovered a personal path in portrait photography, launching a highly successful career that lasted nearly 30 years. It is worth noting that Daniel belongs to the last generation of photographers who experienced their art as manual work, without the many post-production technologies available today. He dedicated himself profoundly to studying technique and found his greatest curiosity and talent in lighting.


    In 2018, Daniel exchanged the luminous Rio de Janeiro for the luminous Lisbon, where he expanded his artistic research, working with different scales, from micro to macro, photographing pigments on small surfaces, creating three-dimensional compositions, and contemplating light and shadow.


    Mattar rethinks the relationship between photography, painting and sculpture, playing with the interstice spaces that infiltrate between each of the media. To transition from a pictorial image to a photograph and then to an object, Daniel Mattar deploys a range of diverse techniques, generally starting from found materials, on which he uses a painting gesture, before photographing the result to reprint it then in large format. He thus recycles everyday images and materials which he covers with a thick layer of oil paint before photographing the result and then producing a large format photograph.


    Mattar has held solo and group exhibitions since 1988, including the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro (MAM-RJ), the Banco do Brasil Cultural Centre (CCBB), the Sergio Porto Cultural Space and the Deji Art Museum, which acquired the Photographic Drawings series for its collection. His works are in important private collections in Brazil, the USA, Europe and Asia.

  • Solo Exhibitions


    Flowing Forms, Brisa Galeria, Lisbon, Portugal


    SP-Arte, Art Fair, Galeria Marcia Barrozo do Amaral, São Paulo, Brazil

    ArtRio, Art Fair, Galeria Marcia Barrozo do Amaral, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Polaroids, Artsy – digital platform

    Vista Aérea, Artsy – digital platform

    Photographic Drawings, Brisa Galeria, Lisbon, Portugal


    Pigmento, Brisa Galeria, Lisbon, Portugal 
    RISE, Brisa Galeria, Lisbon, Portugal 

    Simulacro, Centro Cultural Sérgio Porto, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Janela Glacial, Shopping Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


    Inventário#01, Centro Cultural Oduvaldo Vianna Filho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    TOKYO, Espaço Mario Quintana, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

    Homenagem a Márcio Mattar, Museu de Arte Moderna (MAM), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Longe do Cais, Iate Clube, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    TOKYO, Manch Café Galeria, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Group Exhibitions


    Arte Vivo, Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico City, Mexico
    Umbra Natural, Brisa Galeria, Lisbon, Portugal

    Samsara, Brisa Galeria, Lisbon, Portugal

    Organic – As Time Awakens, Deji Art Museum, Nanjing, China

    Forever Is Made Up of Many Nows, Brisa Galeria, Lisbon, Portugal
    Hiperfície, Brisa Galeria, Lisbon, Portugal

    Arte Vivo, Museo Tamayo, Mexico City, Mexico

    Planícies Ressonantes, Brisa Galeria, Lisbon, Portugal
    What’s in a Tale, Tale Art Gallery, Vlierzeledorp, Belgium
    Hakanai, Brisa Galeria, Lisbon, Portugal


    An Era in Jinling, Deji Art Museum, Nanjing, China
    Pedágio de Mim, “Not A Museum” Artspace, Lisbon, Portugal
    Terra Estrangeira, Tryzy Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

    Entre a Água e a Terra, Brisa Galeria, Lisbon, Portugal


    Natureza Alterada, Brisa Galeria, Lisbon, Portugal
    Arte Brasileira, Galeria Sá da Costa, Lisbon, Portugal


    PRAIA, Galeria da Gávea, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Imprecisão Azul, Brisa Galeria, Lisbon, Portugal
    Galaxies, Espace_L Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland
    UQ Editions, Release of the artist book "4 centimetres",  Brisa Galeria, Lisbon, Portugal


    Arte Core, Simulacro series, Museu de Arte Moderna (MAM), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


    Velt Gallery Project, Cirúrgicos series, Fábrica Bhering, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Atemporal, Cirúrgicos series, Espaço Atemporal, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


    Nippon, Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (CCBB), Rio de Janeiro/Brasília, Brazil


    III Bienal de Santos, São Paulo, Brazil


    New paintings, Tríade Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil